Our History

“Chief” Sensei Jean Guy Angell, 10th Degree Black belt and Grandmaster:

Jean Guy Angellwas born in Montreal, Quebec in 1940. He began his martial arts training in the style of Shorin Ryu Karate in 1965, and received his Black Belt in that style in 1968.

In 1967 Mr. Angell began his training in Providence, Rhode Island, U.S.A. in the art of Kenpo under the instruction of Grandmaster George Pesare. In 1968, Mr. Angell was promoted to Black Belt. Mr. Angell was an extremely successful competitior in both the arts of Shorin Ryu and Kenpo Karate winning in both kata and sparring ( freestyle, point, full contact ) and earning the title of World Champion.

In 1968, Mr. Angell introduced the art of Kenpo to Canada, being the first practitioner of the art to open a school and teach in Canada. His first school was located in Ville St. Michel.  He later relocated his school to 3486 Iberville st ( Rue d’Iberville) in downtown Montreal, where he purchased a building. To this day, it is considered to be the headquarters for Angell Kenpo in Canada.

Mr. Angell then set about training many highly skilled Black Belts, most of which also became provincial, national and world champions in their respective divisions. Many of these students went on to open their own schools in the provinces of Quebec and Newfoundland, while remaining under the Angell family tree.

To this day, Grandmaster Angell administers all Black Belt tests for students from any of the Angell Kenpo schools ( currently 40 + schools ).

In October of 2009, Chief Sensei Jean Guy Angell was promoted to 10th degree Black Belt by Senior Grandmaster George Pesare in Providence, Rhode Island, U.S.A..

Grandmaster Angell is known as the founder of Kenpo in Canada and is addressed in class as “Chief” or “Chief Sensei”.

Angell Kenpo in British Columbia: Nanaimo Karate

In the early 1980’s, Sensei Lew Simms brought the style of Angell Kenpo to Nanaimo, BC, from Newfoundland where he was trainied by Angell Kenpo Black belt Dave Jackman. Mr. Simms was a member of the local police station and was highly respected in the local martial arts community. Mr. Simms trained several students to black belt. In 2001, Mr. Simms left Nanaimo to teach new recruits at the RCMP depot in Regina.

In late 2001, the tradition of Angell Kenpo remained in Nanaimo when 3 Black belts of Mr. Simms, Dan Blakey, Aileen Gilbertson and John Punt opened a school. Sensei Gilbertson and Sensei Blakey continued to run the club until 2004/2005, while John Punt started teaching Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu/MMA but still remains as a Kenpo advisor.

Sensei Matt Cardon took over as the primary instructor at Nanaimo Kenpo Martial Arts in 2004/2005. Sensei Blakey and Sensei Gilbertson now teach private lessons in Victoria.

In 2008, Sensei Dave Power earned his Black Belt in Angell Kenpo and now shares the instructing responsibilities with Sensei Matt Cardon.